The length of the seedpod is over 40 cm! Are you familiar with the “natamame!?”

natamame beanIt is an annual plant that belongs to the legume family and is often used as Chinese medicine. In Japan, it has recently attracted attention for its use in health food and healthy teas. It originated in the tropics of Asia and Africa, and it was introduced to Japan by the Qing dynasty at the beginning of the Edo period. The young seedpod of The natamame-bean is often found in the traditional Japanese pickle dish called “Fukujinzuke.” It was also used as an effective remedy in the cleaning of wounds in the old days. It is also said to help improve kidney function, empyema, periodontal disease and pyorrhea, as well as prevent certain excretory problems, nasal inflammation and bad breath.

The natamame-bean is an abundant source of vital energy and is said to have been the model for the bean in the nursery tale “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Since the old days, as the tea is made from sword beans and is good for one’s health, the grandfathers and grandmothers in families on farms customarily drink this tea. We use 100% Tamba sword beans, which are grown in organic fertilizer without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers containing chemicals. When you drink this tea, you will feel the faint sweetness and a sense of nostalgia. It is a taste that you can enjoy with your whole family.

Organic farming

Using original seeds which have been succeeded from generation to gen- eration at Tamba, group of farmers of Organic Beans Honpo Company are raising sword beans without using agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers up to harvest.

A seed which has been passed on from generation to generation

The white sword bean of Koyama-en is grown from our original seed. Since our establishment, we thoroughly manage and carefully protect the seed so that other seeds do not hereditarily contaminate it. We would like to make sure this tradition carries on to the following generations.

Research publication on “Tanba Natamame”at general meeting of Japan Dietetics Society.

We compiled the findings from questionnaires and letters (for 810 people) from our customers who drink Jack Bean Tea to make a graph of the results under the instruction of Associate Professor Noguchi of Fukuoka Women's University. In addition, we reported on the effect of Tanba Natamame-beans on protection from life style-related diseases through experiments using hypertensive rats.

Additive- and caffeine-free

Tamba Natamame-cha is good for your heath because it is additive- and caffeine-free. The tea has the original taste of sword beans and the aroma brought out by our skillful roasting and grinding over many years, which shows its light-bodied aftertaste. We recommend drinking our tea before going to bed.