Costomer's Voice

It’s refreshing and soothes a dry mouth.

I no longer have to worry about bad breath, and my chronically stuffed nose doesn’t bother me any more. I am thankful everyday for this tea and wish I had started drinking this earlier. After recommending it to my sister, she tells me how pleased she is with its diuretic effect, and she says that she drinks it everyday.

Reduces nasal inflammation in my child

It has been just one year since I started drinking this after a friend recommended it to me. Since my child’s nose often becomes inflamed, we drink it everyday. It tastes good. My child is also happy because it has reduced his rhinitis. Thank you.

For kidneys

It has been approximately nine months since I started drinking this for the health of my kidneys. Although I expected the something to happen soon after I started drinking it, but there was no change for the first three months. Then I thought that it was ineffective. However, my creatinine levels have gone down after over for half a year. I am happy and am still drinking it.