The “Jack and the Bean Stalk” story was created based on the jackbean. The jackbean shape is as a NATA (agricultural tool shaped as a sword), the village people in Japan call it NATA MAME (bean). Its vines grow to approximately 6 meters (20 ft). The farmers in the region of Tamba (丹波), Hyogo, Japan grow jackbean without any chemical pesticide. We roast the jackbeans after carefully selecting the best jackbeans. Its taste is well known as "slightly sweet and aromatic, and very easy to drink". We have many customers from Japan and around the world who purchase and enjoy our jackbean tea.

Summary of Jackbean

Formal name:Canavalia gladiata
Nickname:ack bean named after“Jack and the Beanstalk”
Key element of Jackbean: Urease, canavanine, concanavalin A
Jackbean Tea Key Words: Detoxing, Caffeine-free, Organic, Hot/Cold tea, Water infused


"Treasures of Discover Farming Mountains and Fishing Village (Mura)"

We were awarded “the best producer” of "Treasures of Discover Rural Fisher Village (Mura)" from the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan and the Ministry of Agriculture in November 2018. The Japanese government selected good practices which promote regional revitalization and improve income through agriculture and fishing across the country. KOYAMAEN was chosen not just because Tamba Natamem Cha (jackbean tea) is good, but also for its business model, which includes planting to product process to selling end products domestically and internationally.

-about us-

Company name
Farming, Processing Food and Selling
Jackbean Tea, Jackbean Supplement, Tooth gel, Dog treat
Established company
Farming since
1810 (10th generations of farming house)
1972 Kuroi Kasuga-cho Tamba-city, Hyogo, Japan 669-4141

Tamba area is located next to Kyoto and north of Kobe.
It is 2 hours away from Osaka by train/car.
Client Channels
food retailers, organic shops, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, spa,etc.
Domestic clients in Japan
Daimaru Department store, Sogo Department Store, Hankyu Department store, Sheraton Hotel,Westin Hotel, Royal Hotel, Kinokuniya Supermarket, Ikari Supermarket, Seijyo Ishii Supermarket, etc.
Overseas clients

[Vietnam ] US.MART, Organica, AEON MALL, Gensai
[Taiwan] 南聯國際貿易股份有限公司

[France] Salon du Fromage HISADA

18 years of trust and actual best performance Over 3,000 happy and nice letters from customers

We revived Jackbean which was once distinguished.(2000)
We established a farmers' group "Organic Jackbean Tamba " with collaborative neighbor farmers. (2001)
We developed our method of jackbean tea process with university and we took a lot of customer's comments and suggestions to improve our Jackbean tea.(2001)

Product development collaborate.
TBS, NHK TV interview.(2004/2009)
Presentation at Nutrition Improvement Study Conference .(2006/2007)
Certification of “Hyogo prefecture certified product”.(2008)
“Organic JAS”(2012), “Five Star Hyogo”(2013).
“Japan Made Beauty Award, Inner beauty”.(2016)
G7 Kobe Health Ministry Conference.(2016)
“the best producer” of "Treasures of Discover Rural Fisher Village (Mura)"(2018)